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We at Pearl Lemon Legal are able to help you through the divorce procedure if your marriage or civil partnership has unfortunately broken down, and you are seeking a divorce.


Couples can now divorce in the UK without placing blame or fault on the other due to the recent passage of the Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act 2020 on April 6, 2022. A couple can now agreeably declare “irretrievable breakdown” as the only ground for a divorce.


Additionally, since the divorce application is now made online through the HMCTS Court portal, postal delays can be avoided, which could speed up the divorce process. However, more often than not, if there are matrimonial financial issues to be settled, this will cause the divorce to take longer to complete.


If you’re thinking about filing for divorce from your spouse, especially if there are marital funds at stake, it’s crucial that you get legal counsel in the form of an experienced team of divorce solicitors.


This is primarily done to make sure that whatever settlement you, as half of a divorcing couple, come to is fair to you, that you are fully informed about the options available to you, the law that is applied, and the essential Orders the Court can make.

Incorporating the agreement into a Consent Order, a legally binding instrument, is another crucial step. It is possible for either party in a divorce to apply to the court if an agreement regarding the marital finances cannot be reached, but we at Pearl Lemon Legal will always work to try to ensure that your case is resolved outside the courtroom whenever possible in order to keep legal costs as low as possible and that the process is as personally efficient as possible.


With years of experience with divorce proceedings, and with matrimonial finances, the divorce solicitors at Pearl Lemon Legal always make sure that a client’s case is handled as pleasantly, constructively, and economically as feasible. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need guidance on any divorce-related issue; a member of our team will be pleased to help.

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Expert Divorce Solicitors for Financial Matters and Agreements

We at Pearl Lemon Legal are aware of how crucial it is to settle financial issues when a relationship ends.


Whether it be a divorce, civil partnership, or cohabitation, our divorce solicitors London are skilled at handling financial issues when it comes to parties parting.


We always attempt to avoid court proceedings, where feasible, and we aim to handle financial concerns on your behalf promptly and in a manner that is as stress-free as possible.


Our expert divorce solicitors London are also expert mediators, and often an alternative dispute resolution approach, which sees both parties negotiate with the help of a third party, is very successful, even in cases in which the parties involved had felt that civil communication and negotiation was impossible.

Unfortunately, this is not always possible, and if and when the matter does go to court, our knowledgeable divorce solicitors will be able to offer professional legal assistance to help safeguard your position and guarantee a just settlement.

When it comes to the variety of Orders made by the Court, our divorce lawyers London have a wealth of experience and can provide you with their expert legal advice and guidance on which ones are most appropriate for your situation.

If needed, our divorce lawyers will be able to create the necessary papers to guarantee that any agreement made is legally binding. Our goal is to always settle financial disputes without the need for judicial proceedings. A consent order is what is used for this. The financial settlement achieved by the parties is outlined in the Consent Order.

Financial issues are usually very significant in any divorce settlement and will have an impact on both couples’ lives going forward. Therefore, it is crucial that you have good legal counsel. We at Pearl Lemon Legal will walk you through the process step by step in a manner that is as sympathetic as it is efficient.

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Commercial Contract Solicitors

Expert Divorce Solicitors London For Child Arrangements

When parents separate, making arrangements for the children can be challenging. In some cases, it will be required to file a case with the Family Court to determine what should happen.


Our knowledgeable divorce lawyers can help you at every stage, from determining your position and the best course of action for you to engaging in negotiations with your ex-spouse, referring cases for mediation, and ultimately deciding whether to file for Court Orders and providing legal representation during that process.

Understanding What Might Happen

Only when it believes that making an order would be better for the child than not will the Family Court do so. In all cases of relationship breakdown, mediation is encouraged to avoid involving children in what can be a life altering court process.


Sometimes asking for a Court Order is, however, the best course of action. A parent or other person with parental responsibility may ask the court for the following types of orders:


Declarations of Parentage and Orders for Parental Responsibility

Orders for Child Arrangements defining Live With


Orders defining Spend Time With Children under Child Arrangements


Orders for Prohibited Steps


Orders for Specific Issues

Divorce Lawyers for Child Arrangement Negotiation

As mentioned, negotiating child arrangements after a divorce outside the courtroom is the preferred way to do things to minimize both the financial costs and emotional trauma of going to court.


In order to begin to negotiate, we can write letters to your ex-partner, either directly or through a lawyer they engage. This may be successful in achieving a compromise that is acceptable to both parties and best serves the interests of the child. The Court won’t get involved if the parents can agree on this and a divorce lawyer London can draw up a binding legal agreement that outlines everything that has been agreed upon.

Divorce Lawyers for Mediation

Parents must attend mediation before making any court applications, unless they are eligible for an exemption. Parents can meet in a neutral setting with a skilled mediator during mediation, which frequently results in an agreement on the child arrangements. Although we do not provide mediation services, once we have been given the go-ahead we frequently can make recommendations if necessary.


The next stage is to file an application with the court if an exemption can be claimed if mediation is failed. There are several types of court orders that can be applied for in relation to the children of a failed relationship, including, but not limited to, all the following:

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Child Arrangements Live and Spend Time With

A Child Arrangements Order regarding Live and Spend Time With can specify who a child should reside with and spend time with. When parents are unable to reach an agreement on their own, these orders are made.


As this is often the most contentious area of a divorce that involves children, having an expert divorce solicitor London on your side can be crucial. We can help you ensure that your case is put succinctly and effectively but with a minimum of potential harm to your children at what can be a very difficult time for all involved.

Specific Issue Orders

Specific Issue Orders deal with a disagreement about a particular matter, such which schools a child should attend. Again, these can be difficult to navigate as they often involve unique issues that need to be explained to the court in a clear and detailed matter. Our divorce solicitors London will help you do that.

Order for Prohibited Steps

A Prohibited Steps Order will stop someone from doing particular things, such taking the child away from the care of the other parents or from school. They often are used to prevent children from being taken to specific places – often abroad – without the other parent’s permission.

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Divorce Lawyers London for Cohabiting Couples

For individuals in need, Pearl Lemon Legal’s divorce solicitors London offer specialised guidance on all issues relating to cohabitation.


Living together without getting married or entering a civil partnership is now very common, so it’s critical that you are aware of your legal rights should such a relationship end and there are financial and personal legal issues at stake.

The Law and Cohabitation

Contrary to popular belief, cohabiting couples do not automatically get the same privileges as married ones after a certain amount of time together. Cohabitants do not acquire any unique rights, even after many years of cohabitation, so it is crucial that you get legal counsel to determine what rights you may or may not have and how they can best be exercised.

Conflicts when a single party owns the property exclusively

When a property in which both halves of a cohabiting couple lived is registered in one of the parties’ sole name, difficult issues frequently emerge when the relationship ends. In a situation like this, the person who isn’t listed as the property’s registered owner will need to prove an ownership stake in it.

Examples of ways to determine an interest include:

  • A Prohibited Steps Order will stop someone from doing particular things, such taking the child away from the care of the other parents or from school. They often are used to prevent children from being taken to specific places – often abroad – without the other parent’s permission

Demonstrating that you have made a significant investment in the property, such as by paying for home renovation projects.

As this can be hard to prove effectively to the courts alone our expert divorce solicitors London can help you gather the right evidence, and compose the right statements to help ensure that your rights as far as the property you have been sharing with your ex-partner are properly protected.

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Conflicts when a property is owned jointly

When the property in question is held in joint names, serious issues could also occur should the relationship end. For example, to prevent the other from carrying on with their life after a split, one party may refuse to vacate the property or sell the property.


If so, our divorce solicitors London at Pearl Lemon Legal will be able to give you clear guidance regarding:


Your right of occupancy and access to the previously shared property;

Whether you can compel a sale of the property in question;

How to purchase the interest in the property held by the other parties


Most disagreements of this nature can be settled by negotiation or other alternative conflict resolution methods like mediation, and our divorce solicitors London are proven experts in this field. However, if the court needs to get involved, rest assured that we are professionals at filing or opposing applications and will always work to safeguard your interests.


We recognise that this can be a highly complex area of the law, and our goal is to offer plain, actionable counsel. Please fill out the contact form to schedule an appointment if you need advice.

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