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We get in touch with you – you’ve enquired online through our website or an online platform we’re affiliated with and we’ve reached out or responded to discuss how we can help. (Day 1)

This will more often than not lead to a first consultation call on the same day or on a day that suits you. (30 minutes)

In some more complex cases, we go from an initial consultation call to a more formal fact-finding virtual meeting. More often than not however this is not necessary and most of the pertinent information is communicated in the first contact. (Day 1-3)


We’ve streamlined this process massively to further distance ourselves from traditional law firms while remaining compliant with regulations. You’ll receive a link for payment (we usually take a deposit for the first hour of work to ensure we cover costs).

 Once the initial payment has been made a thank message will appear along with a link to our onboarding form. This will confirm information of your case, allow you to upload the relevant documents and ask for your signature serving as the completion of our letter of engagement.

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Independent Legal Advice

At this point, we establish your legal position and either confirm the initially discussed strategy or pivot and communicate the strategy we will be implementing based on our review of the case. We may request additional information and clarification on certain points at this stage. (Day 3-5)

Depending on the details of your case we would at this stage draft a letter to the other party, assist you in the completion of forms, or consult with you on the best way forward. (Day 6-7)


At this stage we are either awaiting a response or assisting you in preparing for a specific event or date. Perhaps you have taken your course and now need to understand what is happening during the process. We continue to assist you and update you from this point onwards.

The above serves as a guide only in many cases we reach the delivery stage by the third day but it depends on the information you as the client provide and the unique circumstances of your case.

We’ve had a lot of success managing our cases with the above workflow and we try to keep it as simple as that. Unfortunately, each case is different and so it’s at this stage where timelines can be dependent on many external factors.

If for instance, we’re assisting you with an eviction we would be waiting on a notice period following the service of the correct notice. If there is a dispute or a claim we may be waiting on the other party to respond or fail to respond within a certain time frame.

What we can guarantee is that you stay informed during the process like you’ve never been before because we take our client’s situations seriously.

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