Will Writing Service

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At Pearl Lemon Legal, we are pleased to offer a will writing service that makes dealing with an issue that no-one really wants to think about – let alone take action on – as easy and stress-free as possible.

What is a Will?

Lots of people vaguely know what a will is, but have no real idea how to write a will in a legally acceptable way, primarily because will writing is something that most of us don’t like to think about.


In the most basic terms, you can specify what should happen to your assets—your money, property, investments, and possessions—as well as your young children after you die by creating a will, which, once written and formally signed, is a legally binding document.


Wills come in a variety of forms, and each one fits a certain purpose. A single will, which is the most straightforward type of will for a single person, is ideal for those who want to document their own unique preferences. You might want to create standard mirror wills jointly if your wishes and someone else’s (usually your partner or spouse) are quite similar.

What Happens If You Die Without Making a Will?

If you reside in England or Wales and pass away without drafting a valid will, your estate will be distributed according to government policy. If you don’t have any living relatives, the Crown will inherit everything you own.


If you have minor children, other people may decide who will be responsible for their care, as well as their finances, schooling, and living circumstances. You can lay forth your wishes in a will, meaning that, as far as is possible, your children will be raised in the way you would prefer, and that your assets used in the same way.

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When Should I Make a Will?

When should a will be drafted? When should you consider making use of a will writing service like ours? It makes sense that no one wants to think about dying, much less make plans for it.


Even though the process may be uncomfortable, knowing exactly what will happen to your assets and possessions can provide you peace of mind that they will be distributed to the appropriate parties. And if you still need more motivation, some life circumstances are a valid justification for creating, or amending a will, with the help of a will writing service:

You Have Begun to Accumulate Assets

For each person, “assets” will mean something different. Do you care enough about your £1000 in savings to want to control what happens to it? Or £15,000? What if you own a car? The bigger point is that if you die “intestate,” which means without even a simple will, your estate will be distributed according to the law, which is general and impersonal and has no way of knowing, for example, that you would have preferred your closest friend get your car instead of your mother.

You Have Formalised a Relationship

If you get married, or divorced, you should certainly consider writing – or rewriting – a will. Most people are aware of that fact and yet still stall on doing so. However, once again, a death without a will lead to assets being assigned according to basic law, so none of the distributions of your assets you might have in mind (which may include beneficiaries other than your spouse) will ever happen.


Formal legal marriage is not always for everyone either, even if they are in a committed relationship. There are lots of reasons for making this decision, any of them valid, but should you die without a will the chances that a significant other with no legal ties to you will be able to inherit any of your assets without a huge legal fight are very slim. This means that making a will, and formalising it via a will writing service, is something that should be considered at any age.

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When You Have Kids - And When Those Kids Become Adults

A will helps ensure that your children are cared for exactly as you wish, whereas an intestate circumstance would likely result in their obtaining a share of your estate, but perhaps not in the way you intended.


A will is also an important place to name a guardian for your child in the event that both of their parents pass away. (Although you are not required to obtain the potential guardian’s consent, it is a good idea in case he or she declines the position when the time comes.) You should then update your will to reflect any changes to your preferences for your children as adults; you might even want to appoint one of them as your executor.

If You Start a Business

Starting their own business is something that an ever-increasing number of folks are choosing to do. But what will happen to that business if you die unexpectedly?


As your will writing service, we will help you to determine your succession plan, whether you want to have family members run the company or hire someone else, or perhaps even give the whole thing over to an existing business partner. If you’re entrusting it to one or more people, you’ll want to make sure to consider, and then specify via a formal will, how much of the business will go to each person.

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When You Buy a Home

This will have a substantial impact on the value of your estate and may influence both the beneficiaries you name and the amount you leave them. In fact, any significant asset purchase warrants the creation or revision of your will


While you are probably intending (and hoping) to live in your newly acquired property for many years to come, making it (legally) clear what should happen to the property if you die as soon as the ink on the closing documents is dry makes a lot of sense.


Property dispersal is the single thing that causes the most disagreement and confusion when a person dies intestate, and the simple act of working with a will writer to formalise your wishes can prevent that in a matter of minutes. 

What Does a Will Writing Service Really Do?

You can, of course, write your own will, and there are even plenty of templates online that you can fill in to help you do so. With that said, why should you consider making use of a will writing service like the one offered by Pearl Lemon Legal?



Although it may be free, the major reason not to write your own will is the likelihood that you won’t get the legal form correct, which could result in the will not being considered legitimate, and your assets decided as if you died intestate anyway.



Additionally, you run the risk of writing your will incorrectly, which could prevent your loved ones from receiving the inheritance you intended for them or make the probate procedure much more difficult – and far more long and drawn out – for your executors.



When you work with Pearl Lemon Legal‘s will writing service, you will be served by experienced legal professionals who can not only ensure that your will is written in the correct, legally acceptable way, but that you have been guided through all the possible scenarios, and have covered all of your tangible assets in the final will.

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Will Writing Service FAQs

A will is a legally binding document where you specify what should happen to your assets such as money, property, investments, and possessions, as well as the care of your minor children after your death. Creating a will ensures that your assets are distributed according to your wishes and not just by law. It also gives you control over who takes care of your minor children after your demise.

If you die without a valid will, known as dying intestate, your assets are distributed according to government law. If you don’t have any living relatives, your assets go to the Crown. If you have minor children, decisions regarding their care, finances, and living circumstances may be made by people who may not follow your preferences.

While the topic of death can be uncomfortable, it’s important to create a will as soon as you start accumulating assets that you care about, formalize a relationship, have children, start a business, or purchase a home.

While it’s possible to write your own will, there’s a risk of making legal mistakes that could render it invalid or make it challenging for your loved ones to receive their inheritance. A will writing service like Pearl Lemon Legal provides experienced legal professionals who can guide you through all possible scenarios and ensure your will is written correctly and covers all your tangible assets.

If you don’t have a will in place, the future of your business could be uncertain. A will can help you define your succession plan, such as family members running the company, hiring someone else, or transferring it to a business partner. You can specify how much of the business each person will receive.

If you die intestate, the distribution of your property is determined by law. The decision may not align with your wishes and could cause disagreement and confusion among your loved ones. Making a will can prevent this by legally defining what should happen to the property after your demise.

Marriage or divorce are significant events that should prompt a revision of your will. If you die without a will, your assets are assigned according to law, which may not align with your preferences. For instance, a significant other with no legal ties to you, but significant personal ones, may face difficulties inheriting your assets without a will.

Having children is a crucial reason to create or amend a will. A will ensures your children are cared for according to your wishes and that they receive their inheritance in the way you intended. It’s also the place where you can name a guardian for your child if both parents pass away.