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Entering into contracts with suppliers, employees and customers is a common occurrence for small businesses and these types of agreements often provide the basis of most commercial relationships.

But unfortunately some disagreements are inevitable, and if you believe an agreement or contract has been breached it can be difficult to find out the legal actions that are available to you. The same is true should the other party claim your business has failed to live up to the contract, even when you are sure that is not the case.


Incorrectly handling a commercial contract dispute can end up costing your business both time and money, and the reputational damage can be both significant and hard to recover from. So it’s important for you to focus on a constructive and cost-effective way forward while being aware of all your legal options.

Pearl Lemon Legal was founded to help small businesses resolve contract disputes in the best, and most cost-effective, way possible. As the ‘little guy’ in a contract dispute, it can seem almost impossible to get a fair resolution, especially if the other contracted party likely has easier access to legal resources and representation.

The fact is though that your status as a small to medium-sized business, or even as a solo entrepreneur, should not mean that you are steamrollered into accepting an unreasonable resolution to a contract dispute, that you should be taken advantage of by a large company and their legal teams or that your small business; reputation should be unduly tarnished simply because you did not know how to proceed in a contract dispute from a legal standpoint,

At Pearl Lemon Legal, we want to help you get the legal advice, and legal help, you need to deal with, and resolve, business contract disputes to the best possible outcomes.

We provide a fixed fee contract dispute advice service that will give you access to a contract dispute lawyer to assess your position and a thorough letter of advice outlining the merits and possibilities of your case. Our services are set at an affordable rate because we know how difficult it can be to learn your legal options without spending a fortune and potentially destroying all your hard work in building your business to date.

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When you work with us as your contract dispute lawyers, a solicitor will analyze any corporate or business dispute legal documents you may have as part of this service, give you legal counsel, and prepare a Letter Before Action to the opposing party in an effort to settle the disagreement in an equitable and amicable way.


In the event that legal action must be taken against the people concerned, or is taken against you and your business by the other party involved in the contract dispute, we will inform you of the process and procedures you can expect to go through, and any associated expenses you can expect to incur as a case proceeds to court.

What Are the Most Common Types of Business Contract Disputes?

Unfortunately, one of the almost inevitable costs of conducting business in any niche is contract disputes. Even if they frequently come as a surprise, you still need to be ready. You can get the legal advice and protection you need to end a legal dispute with the least amount of harm by investing in the services of knowledgeable business contract dispute lawyers. But what types of contract disputes are you likely to need our help with?


We’ll look at a few typical cases of contract disputes now:

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Breach of Contract

This is perhaps the most commonly seen form of contract dispute, and often the one hardest to cope with for small businesses less familiar with the finer points of contract law, or when dealing with a larger company.

Contracts that are vague or incomplete frequently give rise to disputes. Each party interprets the terms differently, usually to their own advantage, which leads to one party breaking the terms of the agreement, or the other party feeling that they have.

Pearl Lemon Legal was in fact born out of a dispute of this nature. Founder of an SEO – search engine optimisation – and digital marketing agency, Deepak Shukla was aware that the services his business offered subjective and sometimes hard to quantify results, and as such could come with very few guarantees, and that the promises made by his business must never exceed the realms of what was possible.

As he discovered, some clients did not understand this, or the nature of SEO itself, and breach of contract disputes arose as a result. In seeking the legal help his business needed to prove their case, resolve the disputes and protect their reputation, the importance of such help was brought into sharp focus.

Working with the contract dispute legal experts he discovered as a result of all this, he created Pearl Lemon Legal to help other small businesses and entrepreneurs finding themselves in similar positions.

Partnership Disputes

These disagreements arise when the partners don’t agree on what is best for their company. Conflicts can develop fast over issues like monetary compensation or leadership responsibilities.


One of the biggest issues here is that in the excited rush to build a business with like-minded partners, often legal contracts are hastily prepared, or overlooked altogether, leading to almost inevitable disputes, especially if the partnership between individuals sours.


In addition to providing legal advice to those already involved in a partnership contract dispute, Pearl lemon Legal can help those entering into business partnerships get off on the right foot with a legally binding agreement that is fair to all parties involved and clearly states  what is expected of the partnership, how revenues are to be shared and how matters should be resolved if the partnership, or even the business, fails.

Legal Aid Solicitors London
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B2B Disagreements

Litigation may arise if one business believes that another’s actions are unfair or dishonest in a free market. These are often hard to prove, and hard to defend against arguments that can quickly escalate into nasty public disagreements that damage both parties involved, especially from a reputational standpoint.


Working with contract dispute lawyers can help prevent this. Pearl Lemon Legal’s team of expert contract dispute lawyers work hard on their clients behalf to not only resolve contract disputes of this nature – avoiding formal court actions if possible – but to protect the reputations of their businesses from slander and unfair public and media attacks.

Covenants Not to Compete

Employees may be required to sign non-compete agreements, which prohibit them from engaging in similar commercial activity for a predetermined amount of time in a particular location. Businesses often ask freelance contractors to do the same.


These agreements need to be carefully crafted because sometimes they can be overly general and unenforceable. They might also ask for things that they should not, from a legal standpoint. Labour related court actions can be particularly damaging to any business, both in terms of their financial cost and the damage done to the business reputation.


Working with Pearl Lemon Legal gives small business employers access to the legal advice and resources they need to resolve non compete contract disputes in the best way possible, especially when intangible assets like written content or other intellectual property is involved.


They can also help client businesses draw up non-compete agreements that achieve their aims without breaking the law, or asking employees to sign a contract that makes stipulations that are illegal.

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In the latter case it is rare that a small business employer is deliberately trying to harm an employee, they simply lack the legal knowledge to know that what they are asking for is, from a legal standpoint, something they should not. Working with Pearl Lemon Legal will prevent this, while also helping to ensure that future contract disputes regarding non-compete clauses and agreements are far less likely to arise in the future.

Whatever your contract related legal needs, there is a good chance that working with Pearl Lemon Legal will be the most sensible, helpful, step you can take in the right direction.

The basic contract dispute services offered by Pearl Lemon legal are best suited for the majority of pre-litigation business matters that involve less than £25,000 and occur in England or Wales (i.e. a UK Small Claim or Fast Track Claim).

Please do still get in touch with us if your contractual dispute is worth more than £25,000, involves a lot of documentation that needs to be evaluated, or is already in court. We’ll be able to offer you a tailored solution and, if necessary, more referrals to trusted legal partners on an as needed basis.

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