Sports Contract Lawyer

Sports Contract Lawyer

Hit A Home Run With Our Sports Contract Lawyer!

Sports has always been a huge part of many cultures worldwide. Sports Law, on the other hand, is a story of its own.

No matter how big or small your name is, the sports industry is fiercely competitive. You need to learn everything about a specific sport to improve, including its legal affairs.

Yes, even sports have a legal side.

As a professional athlete, you must regularly and critically evaluate the business law aspects. Where necessary, rewrite your contract structure, sponsorship agreement, and endorsement contract, settle any contract dispute, privacy notice, and intellectual property with teams, sports agents or organisations.

However, as an athlete, you may not have enough time on your hands to handle such tasks. You have training and games to think about. But no need to worry; you’re in luck!

At Pearl Lemon Legal, we have a team of the best lawyers with over 100 years of collective experience. We guarantee your best interest is always secured and protected as you train and perform. Our sports lawyers have extensive experience in commercial law and will ensure that your commercial contracts are favourable to all the parties involved. 

We promise to read in between the words and see to it that every legal issue and intellectual property rights is sorted.

If you’re interested in partnering with us, give us a call today. 

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Why Do You Need A Sports Contract Lawyer

Sports are a significant factor in the country’s economy and cultural representation. Sports and physical activity contribute about £39 billion to the country’s economy in the United Kingdom. 

Having a sports attorney to guide you, review your contract, and support you legally is a must in this industry. Yes, no doubt, you can DIY legal matters. But to get the nitty-gritty of what happens requires you to have attended law school, which is unlikely. 

Sport contract lawyers are similar to regular contract lawyers; they represent you when reviewing contracts. Still, they are more adept in handling sports contracts due to their experience and familiarity with stipulations and terminology in the industry.

With a lawyer specialising in sports contract reviews and representations, you can guarantee all legal affairs will be correctly addressed. An attorney can draft and update legal documents and will ensure that agreements protect your interests in the case of a dispute.

Here at Pearl Lemon Legal, we help you address any legal matter and ensure you are safe from lawsuits.

What You Should Look Out For Before Signing A sports Contract

Throughout their careers, professional athletes will sign various contracts, all of which should ideally be examined by legal counsel before execution. Naturally, there are a few important things that athletes should watch out for in a contract:

Who Are You Working With? 

This entity will be under obligation in the contract. If you are entering into a contract with a legal entity, confirm that it is in good standing and that the person signing on its behalf has the legal power to do so.

Ensure You Understand The Contract

Before signing the contract, carefully read and study each and every clause. If you do not understand something, ask the author to clarify; possibly, the legal jargon has to be clarified so that it is obvious what obligations you are assuming.

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Do The Contract's Terms Correspond To What Was Verbally Agreed Upon With The Other Party?

If you are seeing new terms that were not previously addressed, you might want to go back to the other party and make sure that everything that has been agreed upon has been put in writing to prevent any ambiguities over whether it is legally enforceable.

Both Parties' Agreed-Upon Obligations Must Be Stated Clearly

The payment, and delivery terms must be distinct (who does and who pays what, when and how). Avoid clauses that make your commitments impossible to fulfil or are overly restrictive, such as those that prohibit you from working for a rival for a lengthy period after the contract is terminated. Your obligations should be reasonable.

Negotiate The Relevant Conditions, Such As Your Pay, Signing Bonus, And Other Benefits Like Insurance

While the standard player’s contract (with their professional team) is often presented to all team players with the same terms, you should negotiate these elements that are unique to you. 

Are Your Responsibilities Legal? 

Ensure you are not barred from recommending that particular product before signing an endorsement contract. For instance, several leagues forbid players from advertising alcohol or tobacco items and specific nutritional supplements.

Are You A Minor? 

To be sure the contract will be enforceable, you should research how your jurisdiction handles agreements made by minors. In some jurisdictions, a contract may only be valid if it meets the minor’s basic needs or serves the minor’s job or economic interests.

The following are just a few things to watch, but they can make or break your professional sports career. Generally speaking, you should always double-check your interpretation of any contract you intend to sign before you sign it. You should also, of course, have your lawyer carefully analyze the contract before you sign it.

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Duties of a Sports Lawyer

Our lawyers at Pearl Lemon Legal have expert knowledge in legal counsel about sports and media contracts, regulatory difficulties, employment, and reputation and privacy.

We are experienced in many different sports arenas, such as football, boxing, cricket, rugby etc. You name it, and we’re a part of it. We perceive the sports industry from a legal and regulatory standpoint. This enables our lawyers to provide the best guidance possible to our clients. They may include governing bodies, sports rights holders, sponsors, teams, individual athletes, and player associations.

We also guide corporate and brand sponsors, official broadcast partners, and sports equipment and technology suppliers with sponsorship agreements, broadcasting rights, and contract negotiations.

Our Legal Services

If you are interested in being one step ahead of legal affairs while still maintaining top performance in your sport, you should check out the following services we offer below;

Situational Contract Review Service

We offer situational contract review services at Pearl Lemon Legal.

This is less costly than many other services available because it only focuses on one clause in a contract that raises concerns for you. We will conduct a proper evaluation and review, so you don’t miss a single legal clause.


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Basic Contract Review Service

A basic contract review is more thorough than a situational contract review service. We will assign you a lawyer to conduct a fundamental contract review. We will try to advise, correct, edit, or revise some of its clauses and stipulations with your interest at heart. In addition, our lawyers are happy to answer any pressing questions you might have.

Full Contract Negotiation Service

Do you want to have a lawyer represent you fully? Well, we also offer such services here at Pearl Lemon Legal. One of our lawyers will negotiate a contract, represent you on your behalf, and strategize all your contracts

As a sports lawyer, this is the best service for you. A fully dedicated legal representation will do a more outstanding job than an outsourced lawyer or one assigned for one-time legal evaluations. 

Shoot Your Shot Without Any Repercussions!

Here at Pearl Lemon Legal, we want what’s best for you. Our team of contract lawyers can help you with specific problems like contract disputes, sports agreements, defamation, disciplinary matters, media and entertainment deals, criminal matters, employee contracts, and property disputes.

As a law firm, Pearl Lemon Legal always stands with its clients and the truth. We want to give the best in serving you.

We will try our best to advise you on the legal side of sports. Continue training for your sport as we practise our work alongside you.

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Sports contract lawyers are a special type of contract lawyers who give legal advice and representation to athletes, coaches, and other individuals or personnel involved in the sports industry.


They do their job by helping their clients with specific legal issues like contract negotiations, breach of contract, endorsement deals, copyright protection, trademark registration and more.


They also prepare and negotiate sponsorship deals, wills, and documents of trusts for the family members for future litigation or probate proceedings.

Pearl Lemon Legal is always available to help you. If you need to consult with our lawyers, you can schedule an appointment with us. We will find you the sports contract lawyer available to suit your needs and demands on the legal side.

We adjust our costs based on fair judgement regarding the severity of your case or situation. Pearl Lemon Legal wants to give you the best deal to help secure your run in the world of sports. Keep getting wins while we handle the rest!


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