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We are a devoted group of highly skilled, specialised law employment solicitors London at Pearl Lemon Legal. In the UK, we can offer employees excellent legal counsel and representation in a wide range of employment issues, including those related to employment tribunals.

Additionally, we have employment lawyers who are highly skilled in defending both employee and employer rights and provide knowledgeable legal advice on employment law.

Basics of UK Employment Law

There are approximately 4 million limited companies in the UK, and there are up to 21 million full-time employees. Employers and employees are both protected by a wide range of employment legislation.


These regulations, which address a variety of issues including discrimination, holidays, salaries, employee designations and terminations, are designed to uphold worker rights while also safeguarding an employer’s interests and preserving a cordial working environment. They also help determine the tax situation that each working individual is designated.


Especially for business owners who must comprehend UK employment law while continuing to run and build their business, employment law may initially appear complex and varied. Which is understandable, as, quite frankly, it is. However, the government expects that they understand the legislation, and abide by all that it has to say.

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By defining employers’ obligations to their employees and their rights as business owners, the many employment contracts that exist are intended to protect enterprises. They maintain an equal working relationship for both parties.

Contracts are one area in which employees law solicitors London can be particularly helpful. Because the law outlines much of what should be in a contract, such as holiday pay, disciplinary processes, and formal notice periods, it can be all too easy to get them wrong, potentially leading to serious financial penalties and legal proceedings at some point in the future.

By giving clarity and a point of reference to make sure that the employer and employee are on the same page, contracts drawn up with the help of our Pearl Lemon Legal employment law solicitors protect employers and employees.

For example:


  • Employers are obligated to pay workers in the UK the National Minimum Wage based on their age, and all workers over the age of 23 are also entitled to the National Living Wage.


  • Due to a list of nine protected characteristics, including gender, race, and disability, the Equality Act of 2010 prohibits discrimination against applicants (and employees). This law protects workers from the moment they apply for a job.


  • The Health & Safety at Work Act of 1974’s Health & Safety regulations also apply to newly hired team members. These ensure that every employee has a right to a safe working environment.


At Pearl Lemon Legal, we take pride in providing clients with the support of a team of employment law solicitors London who not only have a wealth of knowledge in this frequently complex and ever-changing area of UK law, but also the patience, compassion, and dedication necessary to guide clients through what can be a trying and upsetting time should an employee contract dispute develop in the future.

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Employment Tribunals and Employment Law Solicitors London

UK employment tribunals examine claims made by employees against employers over their employment or termination.


Employment tribunals were first intended as a quick, informal, and inexpensive way to resolve employment-related disputes. Although it is not required for employers and employees to be represented by counsel in a tribunal due to the complexity of employment law, many people sensibly opt to do so.


The employment relationship is governed by both statute law and contract law. For some contractual disputes, a tribunal or a regular civil court may be the appropriate forum (for example the High Court). In general, statutory rights can only be enforced by a tribunal.

Examples of the disputes heard by employment tribunals include the following:


  • Unjust termination.
  • Unjustified termination
  • Discrimination on the basis of parental status, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, or a handicap.
  • Wage equality
  • Salary reductions.


Employment disputes that civil courts typically hear include:


  • Accidents at work.
  • Limiting contracts.
  • Contractual claims for unpaid salary
  • Wrongful termination allegations as well as other contractual claims.

An Employment Judge often makes decisions about tribunal claims. The judge might be seated by themselves or on a panel of laypeople, depending on how intricate the claim is. Having a seasoned and experienced employment law solicitor on your side can make a huge positive difference, for either an employer or an employee in these situations.

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Does the Employment Tribunal Hear All Employment Law Cases?

As we’ve already discussed, certain cases under UK employment law can only be handled by an employment tribunal. Additionally, they can only be used by those who are classified as employees legally, not as workers or contractors (also known as freelancers).


This does not imply that employers can treat the last two groups of employees however they like, or that the individuals in those groups are not protected by UK employment law. But it does imply that any legal problems will have to be handled differently. The best person to decide what course of action should be pursued is often an employment law solicitor London with experience in these matters.  

Who Needs an Employment Law Solicitor London?

When an employee believes their situation justifies legal action, taking the necessary steps to do so can frequently seem fruitless. Employees may feel as though they are facing a David vs. Goliath battle because they are confident that their employers will be represented by an array of high-priced lawyers who will prevent them from “winning” during an employment tribunal hearing.

Working with expert employment law solicitors levels the playing field on what may often be a very uneven situation. In addition to frequently lacking a clear awareness of their rights under UK employment law, many persons lack the knowledge necessary to properly formalise their opinions and beliefs regarding a current (or past) employment position.

The employment law solicitors London at Pearl Lemon Legal will listen to your case, explain your rights under UK employment law, and offer employment advice on how to move forward. They may be able to take on your case on a no cost, no win basis where it makes sense for all sides and stand by your side throughout the entire process, regardless of how long it takes to resolve your employment issue.

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No Win, No Fee Employment Law Solicitors London: What Does It Really Mean?

Do employment law solicitors actually offer their services without the need for immediate payment? What does “no win no fee” mean in employment law?

Whether you’re involved in a workplace conflict, considering making a claim, or have an active claim pending at an Employment Tribunal, Pearl Lemon Legal can offer advice and legal support on a no win no fee basis This implies that if your case is unsuccessful (that is, if you can’t negotiate a settlement agreements or lose in front of an employment tribunal), you won’t be liable for paying our legal fees. Furthermore, there is little financial risk for you if we choose to continue with your representation on a no-win, no-fee basis because there is no upfront expense for you.

We will receive payment from the settlement or money you receive if your employment claim is successful or settled.

Which cases are eligible for no-win, no-fee legal representation?

We offer no win, no fee support for a range of employment-related problems, such as unfair dismissal, constructive dismissal, discrimination, whistleblowing, and wrongful salary deduction.

If you still work for your firm and want to or are already in the process of arranging an exit or settlement deal with them, we can also assist you. If you feel that your employment with your employer is intolerable and that your only option is to resign, this regularly occurs.

We can represent you in this fashion so that you can avoid the time, expense, and worry of taking your employer to a tribunal and instead receive a quicker resolution with a guaranteed financial settlement.

Whether you are an employee or an employer in need of sound legal advice and/or representation in an employment law matter, Pearl Lemon Legal can help. Contact one of our employment law solicitors London today to discuss your case.

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