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ADR, or alternative dispute resolution, is a method of resolving conflicts without going to court that is frequently quicker and less expensive. Keeping the specifics of a dispute private and assisting in maintaining significant commercial and personal connections that could be destroyed by court proceedings are additional potential advantages.

The courts do require people involved in civil and business litigation to take steps to resolve the disagreement, even though ADR may not be appropriate in every case. If one of the parties to a dispute unreasonably refuses to negotiate, the court has the authority to impose consequences, typically financial fines.

Our skilled ADR lawyers at Pearl Lemon Legal consistently look for the most practical and economical means to settle conflicts. Negotiation, mediation, and arbitration are just a few of the Alternative Dispute Resolution techniques in which we excel. When ADR fails or is not a good fit for a client’s situation, our team and other associates to whom clients may be referred have a very strong track record of success in court procedures.

We are a group of skilled litigators known for our ability to persuasively argue on behalf of our clients. We are renowned for our high-profile work, which includes challenging and expensive civil and commercial litigation disputes. With specialists in media law, debt management, health and safety, regulatory law, employment law, and commercial law, we know what it takes to settle any civil or business problem.


We are skilled at presenting commercially appealing funding alternatives, which may include conditional fee arrangements, and we have great relationships with litigation funders. We also provide clear and upfront advice regarding the expenses involved.


Our lawyers for alternative dispute resolution in London provide highly strategic counsel and advocacy and always act in the client’s best interest while ensuring we explain the rationale for the actions taken at every step.

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ADR Types Pearl Lemon Legal Specialises In

There are a number of different accepted forms of ADR, some more commonly utilized than others. The Pearl Lemon Legal ADR teams specialise – and excel – in the following ADR Types:



In mediation, a mediator works to persuade and invite disputing parties to reach a mutually agreed upon resolution. Unlike a judge in court, a mediator does not issue a ruling. Instead, the mediator tries to help you and the opposing party reach a compromise. The procedure is very flexible, and it can often lead to a decision that is better for all involved, especially in business matters, than a court ruling.



A more formal alternative dispute settlement method is arbitration. You and the opposing party can choose an independent arbiter together, or you can both choose a larger professional organization. Both you and the other party will present evidence, and the arbitrator will render a binding judgment. It is typically employed in more serious commercial conflicts.



The parties to a dispute may agree to negotiate a settlement at any moment, even if the more formal processes of arbitration and mediation are already underway. Your solicitor will take care of this, possibly setting up a meeting by letter or phone contact. As an alternative, parties and lawyers may convene at a roundtable to explore their respective viewpoints and reach a resolution.

The Advantages of Choosing Alternative Dispute Resolution

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Reduced Conflict

ADR in commercial disputes can serve to reduce conflict by putting an emphasis on the parties coming to a consensus on a solution. This can not only make the procedure less stressful than going through a court process, but it can also help you maintain a better connection with the opposing side or parties going forward and avoid potentially damaging press coverage of any disputes that move forward into a public court setting.

The latter is often one of the best reasons to proceed to ADR in particularly sensitive disputes. Because court procedures are open to the public, information about your dispute may become widely known, and, thanks to the almost real time pace at which social media moves, damaging details may become known before even the best PR department can swing into action. With ADR, you can preserve your brand reputation by keeping the facts of any resolution you reach and the grounds for the conflict confidential.

Reduced Resolution Time and Costs

Since there is no need to wait for an open hearing date, which can take months or even years, all forms of ADR are typically significantly quicker than moving a dispute through court proceedings.


ADR typically has costs that are significantly lower than those associated with court procedures. This can greatly lower the risk of litigating a conflict and the financial toll it takes on your company.

Alternative Dispute Resolution
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Reduced Stress and Uncertainty

No matter how compelling your case may seem, the result of a court case is never certain. Instead of leaving the choice to a judge, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) enables you to maintain influence over the resolution of a disagreement and can reduce the stress and uncertainty that comes along with waiting for someone else to decide your fate.

What Happens if ADR Fails?

Although ADR is frequently very successful in settling a variety of disputes, it is not always successful. This may occur for a number of reasons, such as when the two sides are unable to reach an amicable agreement on a solution.


In certain situations, it’s possible that legal action will be necessary to address the situation. The fact that ADR is typically conducted “without prejudice” means that nothing said during ADR, including any concessions made by either party, can be brought up in subsequent court proceedings.


Our renowned ADR attorneys are available to represent you in court proceedings if ADR is unsuccessful.

Why Choose Pearl Lemon for Alternative Dispute Resolution?

With decades of combined knowledge and experience, our team of committed litigators can handle any kind of business or civil issue. This enables us to provide clear, sensible legal advice that is based on business principles.


We constantly build our strategy on the unique needs and priorities of our clientele. Our staff constantly keeps our clients’ commercial interests in mind when advising ADR in business and financial disputes or court litigation.


Our ADR attorneys offer clear guidance regarding the fees associated with the various litigation options. We are able to provide funding arrangements that are specifically suited for business needs, including potential conditional fee agreements based on merit. Our interactions with third-party litigation funders are outstanding.


Finally, we take great pride in offering top-notch service. Following an inquiry, our clients will always get a call back the same day and no concern is too small or too trivial to be addressed. Our clients love the fact that we make dealing with legal issues, including alternative dispute resolution, as easy and stress-free as possible, and we think you will too.

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