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A road traffic accident can alter the course of your life. Your normal life has suddenly been turned upside down by pain, distress, and turmoil, possibly without your fault.

You don’t have to endure the impacts of the accident in silence when someone else was at fault. You can take action, and Pearl Lemon Legal’s RTA solicitors are well-positioned to support you and bring all of their extensive road traffic accident law experience and expertise to bear to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Numerous clients who were hurt in traffic accidents were helped by our team of knowledgeable personal injury lawyers in seeking compensation for their losses. We take pride in offering all of our customers an honest, ethical service. And despite having a London location, we can serve clients nationwide.

You need support when things are tough. Help from family, friends, and specialised RTA lawyers can make a world of difference after a road traffic accident.

Pearl Lemon Legal doesn’t handle personal injury claims in a “one size fits all” manner like big “factory” law firms. We treat each of our clients, and their cases, individually. This means that we take the time to fully comprehend your situation and advance your case in the best way possible. Additionally, you receive:


The highest likelihood of obtaining the compensation you are due in the shortest time possible.


A customised service that offers regular updates and a dedicated contact person.


Reassurance that RTA law experts are handling your claim and are dedicated to achieving the best possible results.


Don’t simply accept the often life changing results of a traffic collision as a sad twist of fate. With the assistance of our knowledgeable RTA solicitors, your personal injury claim can successfully get you the financial award that while it won’t undo the damage done will help you start to reclaim your life.

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RTA Solicitors : Understanding the Different Legal Forms of Road Accident

Although the UK boasts some of the safest roads in the world, no one can deny that our roads are hazardous locations and that every road user faces some chance of an accident occurring when they are using them, whether as a motorist, a cyclist or as a pedestrian.


The law divides traffic accidents into several different types, all of which the RTA solicitors on the Pearl Lemon Legal team have extensive experience in handling personal injury cases associated with them with:

UK Car Accidents

The majority of traffic on the roads is composed of cars. 78% of the 327.1 billion miles that vehicles travel on UK roadways each year are driven by cars. Car crashes are the most frequent type of road traffic accident, which may not come as a surprise.


Regardless of whether you were the driver or a passenger, you may be entitled to file a personal injury claim if you were hurt while travelling in a car. Being cut off on a roundabout, another car merging into your lane, or reversing into your car in a car park are examples of common road accidents involving another vehicle, but there are many more.


You will need to provide evidence that someone else was responsible for the traffic accident if you were the car’s driver, but it would be nearly impossible for you to be at fault if you were a passenger in an automobile involved in a road accident, whether the driver was at fault or not. If you are not sure if you have a personal injury claim after a car accident, one of the expert RTA solicitors at Pearl Lemon Legal will be able to help you determine that.

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UK Cyclist Road Accidents

Whether they ride a standard bicycle or have a motorbike, cyclists are some of the most vulnerable road users of all.


If you were injured in a road accident as a cyclist unfortunately your injuries may be more serious than those suffered by car drivers and passengers, as the nature of your mode of transportation makes you far more likely to be seriously injured in a road accident, especially if the ‘other party’ is operating a car, bus or lorry.


Most cyclists injured in a road accident were doing everything right, and they are injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, meaning that they can bring a personal injury claim to help offset the (many) costs that are often associated with recovery.


The RTA solicitors at Pearl Lemon Legal, some of whom are avid cyclists themselves, will work hard to ensure that any personal injury claim you can make is expertly handled and that the best possible outcomes are achieved.

UK Pedestrian Road Accidents

Sadly, there are a lot of different ways that a pedestrian accident might happen. For instance:


  • Another road user’s careless or unsafe driving. This can be failing to yield at a pedestrian crossing or other road signs, or performing a manoeuvre without making the necessary observations. ‘I didn’t see them’ is rarely a defence under the law, especially when a pedestrian is involved in a road traffic accident.
  • Drivers who are intoxicated or under the influence of drugs and whose impairment leads them to injure a pedestrian.
  • Hit-and-run motorists cause more pedestrian injuries than you might think. Aside from moral concerns, leaving the scene of a road accident without stopping is against the law. Even if the other motorist cannot be located, claims for pedestrian personal injury can frequently still be pursued by our experienced RTA solicitors.
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Other Types of Road Traffic Accident

A road traffic accident need not entail a collision of two vehicles. There are other factors that may contribute to them, including:


  • Badly-maintained roads or hazards on the road surface (e.g. spillages).
  • Faulty components for your car.
  • The failure of a device that was supposed to shield you from harm or lessen the severity of your injuries but was in fact defective (e.g. an airbag)


Compared to two or more vehicles colliding, these road traffic accidents are typically more infrequent, but they can still cause as much pain and suffering, and it may still be possible to make a personal injury claim.


Such claims sometimes include filing lawsuits against less well-known parties, like the Highways Agency, manufacturers, or those responsible for causing a spill or roadblock and as such can be very complex. Our RTA solicitors have experience in handling such cases and can advise you if you may have a pursuable claim.

Should I Really File a Personal Injury Claim?

Personal injury lawsuits are just for con artists and whiners, right? While that’s what the tabloids would have you believe, that’s not the case at all for the vast majority of people.


Despite some negative media coverage, personal injury lawsuits are not a “get rich quick” scheme. They are meant to partially “reverse” your road accident’s harmful effects as much as is physically possible. You have been harmed, thus you are legally entitled to compensation to try to make things right.


A road traffic accident can have a variety of negative outcomes. The physical injuries you incurred in the accident are the most evident, but other consequences might be just as harmful. These could be psychological concerns, negative modifications to your standard of living, or a reduction in income.


It is obvious that money cannot completely undo the damage caused by a road traffic accident, but seeking personal injury compensation can be extremely beneficial in trying circumstances.


Following a traffic accident, there are numerous very good grounds to file a claim with the help of our RTA solicitors, including:

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Helping You to Get Better Faster


Early access to excellent medical care can make a huge difference in your recovery from some injuries. However, skipping the NHS waiting lists and paying for treatment privately is typically the quickest method to receive it. This could be challenging, particularly if money is already scarce as a result of the accident. Funding for a personal injury claim can frequently be secured through a medical facility or through the insurance provider of the at-fault party. This enables you to receive treatment as soon as possible without facing financial hardship.

Helping You Avoid Financial Disaster

Your income is only one of the many parts of your life that might be impacted by a traffic accident. Money can be a significant cause of concern and stress if your injuries prevent you from working. These fears can be reduced with compensation. 


In some cases, compensation can be received by “interim payments” even before a claim is resolved, especially if an income loss might result in you falling behind on home or car payments.

Start Putting the Wrong Right

You didn’t choose to get hurt in a road accident, but because of someone else’s poor driving or carelessness, you now have to put up with pain, suffering, and other detrimental impacts on your life. This issue must be resolved. You can get acknowledgement for your ordeal and financial compensation for it by filing a claim.


The accident has happened, and that tragic fact cannot be rectified. Whether or not you file a claim for compensation, the accident will have caused you harm. You can at least get compensated for your losses by requesting the compensation to which you are legally entitled. Start today by contacting the RTA solicitors at Pearl Lemon Legal to discuss your case.

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