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It can be a busy, even exciting time if you are taking on a new role as an employee, or if you are hiring or promoting an employee as an employer. So busy and exciting that things like the nuances of the content of employment contracts get overlooked. Until something goes wrong that is. Hiring an “Employee Contract Lawyer” can help ensure that your employment contracts are well-crafted and legally sound.


We appreciate that you might be concerned about your finances, reputation, potential career, or the psychological effects of a problem with your “Employee Contract Lawyer” employment contract. It helps to have the professionals on your side in times like this, and we’ll be there for you every step of the way.

Reduced Resolution Time and Costs

A legally enforceable agreement between you and your employer is known as an “Employee Contract Lawyer” employment contract. It outlines all the terms of your employment, including your working hours, compensation, and benefits.


Too often it’s a document employees do not pay enough attention to, in their excitement upon taking on a new role, but failing to fully understand the legal ramifications of such contracts can have serious negative consequences down the line. It’s advisable to consult with an “Employee Contract Lawyer” to ensure you’re well-informed and protected.


When you embark on a new role, it’s crucial that your “Employee Contract Lawyer” employment contract represents your expectations and reflects what was discussed during the hiring or promotion process. Knowing your rights is especially crucial if your company seeks to modify your contract.


Any legal concerns you may have about contracts can be handled by our knowledgeable team of employment contract lawyers. An employment contract lawyer from Pearl Lemon Legal can – and does – work with those operating in any niche or industry and at a variety of pay grades.

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Employment Contract Solicitor Services for Employees

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Undertaking a New Role

If a new position has been offered to you, “Employee Contract Lawyer” we can help you with your employment contract. If the terms and package don’t match what you were promised, we can assist you in negotiating adjustments until it does.


A service agreement, as opposed to an “Employee Contract Lawyer” employment contract, is frequently signed by directors. There are significant differences between the two, and you will have new responsibilities as a director that may not be immediately apparent, often including personal tax issues. You must fully comprehend your responsibilities before signing the contract, and we can go over the terms with you to be sure you know what you’re agreeing to.

Negotiating Employment Contract Changes


We can inform you of your rights if your employer tries to alter the terms of your contract. If the modifications will negatively affect you, we may assist you in making a claim for contract breach and perhaps constructive unfair dismissal if you feel compelled to quit as a result of the proposed changes.

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Employment Contracts in the 'Gig Economy '

More and more of us are working for ourselves in the modern economy. Often, working within the “Gig Economy,” you can be bound by a “self-employment” agreement that treats you like an employee but excludes perks like holiday pay and sick pay.

We have the expertise necessary to assist you if you believe you are being treated unfairly because we have assisted numerous clients in disputes regarding their work status. It’s an area of the law particularly relevant to us, as such disputes were one of the reasons Pearl Lemon Legal was founded in the first place, as legal issues relating to working as a freelancer or independent contractor are becoming so murky for everyone involved!

Dealing With Restrictive Covenant Clauses

Contractual provisions known as restrictive covenants (or post-termination limitations) are enforceable even after you leave a job, and they are increasingly being added to employment contracts as a matter of course, and often your new job will depend upon you agreeing to them.


Restrictive covenant clauses are rarely mentioned while you are working with an employer, but once you depart, these limitations typically last between 6 and 12 months and may prevent you from doing things like


  • Working for a competitor or starting what could be considered a competitive business
  • Working for a former customer, contact, or supplier
  • Recruiting coworkers or other employees from the firm to work with you elsewhere
  • Poaching customers
  • Taking or making use of proprietary company data.

Restrictive covenants are an extremely complicated aspect of employment law, and the rise of freelance employment and the ‘gig economy’ has made it even more so. Our employment contract lawyers can assist you in negotiating restrictions, provide advice regarding their enforcement, or represent you in court if your previous employer decides to sue you for what they claim is a breach of restrictions.

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What Problems Can We Solve?

We recognize that if your employment contract has restrictive covenants, you could feel stuck and unable to move on. A provision must be reasonable in both scope and specificity in order to be enforceable.


Our lawyers can assist you with a variety of issues, such as:


Before beginning a new employment, review and negotiate contracts so that any restrictive covenants are fair to both parties.


Before starting your own business or going to work for a competitor, helping you determine whether you will be in violation of any restrictive covenants.


Negotiating a settlement agreement and severance package that includes post-termination restrictions that both parties can agree to.


If your employment is being terminated for reasons other than your own desire to leave (such as through redundancy) we can help you bargain for a waiver of the restrictive covenants.


If your ex-employer is threatening legal action against you in regard to a breach of restrictive covenants, you should defend your position, and we will help you do just that effectively.

Employee Contract Lawyer for Employers

Our experienced team of “Employee Contract Lawyers” can serve employers as effectively as they can serve employees, and are happy to do so.


Small business owners have a lot on their plate, and may not yet be at the point where they need to hire an “Employee Contract Lawyer” in-house legal team. However, they must ensure that as far as possible they are following the law, and that is especially true when it comes to employment contracts.


Attempting to bind an “Employee Contract Lawyer” employee to a contract that breaks, or skirts, the law is something that some employers do unintentionally. It’s actually very easy to do, as the rules of law in this field are constantly changing, especially when it comes to the employment of freelance talent or independent contractors.


As small businesses are the largest employers in this sector in the UK, getting any employment contracts right is a must. Our team of employment contract lawyers can review any proposed contracts before they are offered to an employee to ensure they are legally sound, protecting employers from future lawsuits.

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We can also provide legal advice and legal representation if a dispute arises between you and an employee over issues in an existing employment contract, which we are increasingly seeing occurring after an employee has left the firm or the assignment they were hired for has been completed.

While we can provide any and all legal representation needed in court, we are also experts in the field of alternative dispute resolution, and may be able to help you and an employee reach a fair, equitable and legal settlement without all the hassles, expense and potentially negative publicity that court proceedings in the matter of employment contracts can attract.

Why Choose Pearl Lemon Legal?

With regards to all kinds of employment contract problems, our team has years of expertise assisting clients. You can count on us to represent your best interests, whether you simply need a second set of eyes to analyze a new employment contract before offering it to an employee, you want a legal opinion on its contents as an employee, or you need to sue your employer (or are being sued) for a contractual violation.


But when you work with us, you get more than just legal professionals. We are very aware that disagreements over employment contracts can be incredibly distressing, particularly if you have felt compelled to resign from your job.


In order to lessen the stress and disturbance that a disagreement might bring about, we provide a listening ear as well as a support network that can help you through a tough time, and ensure that by the end of the process the outcome is as favourable as possible.


For any help with employment contract issues, contact us today. We’ll be happy to discuss how we can help.

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