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Commercial Contract Solicitors

Pearl Lemon Legal has a team of expert commercial contract lawyers supporting its clients who operate in a range of sectors including manufacturing, technology, banking and the utilities, as well as public sector clients.


Our aim is not only to ensure that your commercial contracts are legally robust and compliant but that they clearly reflect the nature of the relationship with your customers, suppliers and partners and that they help your business control and manage its risk.


In addition to helping you draw up commercial contracts that benefit your business, we can also help if things go wrong and a commercial contract is violated. Our commercial contract lawyers can not only represent you in court but also, as expert alternative dispute resolution specialists, work hard to attempt to resolve the issues out of court, saving time, money, hassle and often the brand reputation and good name of the contracted parties.

As commercial contract lawyers, we want to understand your business and become your trusted advisor. Many of our solicitors have worked in industry and as in-house counsel, so we understand the need for clear, pragmatic and commercially focused commercial advice that provides solutions not problems for your business. And that this sage advice is available at all times.


Pearl Lemon Legal’s team of contract lawyers are available at all times to advise their clients, and we would be happy to extend the same service to you.


Our technically knowledgeable commercial contract lawyers provide guidance on a variety of contracts in a practical, professionally focused manner, assisting clients with their strategically significant business arrangements, such as:

Commercial Contract Lawyer
Commercial Contract Solicitors

Partner Contracts and Joint Venture Agreements

Partnerships in business can be hugely beneficial to all involved, but if they go sour the damage to both parties can be extensive, and even, in some cases, business destroying. The key to entering into partnerships and joint ventures with less risk attached to the relationship is a fair and legally binding commercial contract.


We provide advice on all kinds of partnering contracts, including formal joint ventures, memorandums of understanding, and other forms of cooperative agreements you might wish to engage in. We work hard to understand the nature of the proposed agreement and then help you draw up commercial contracts that reflect it accurately while being fair to all involved.

Confidentiality and Non Disclosure Agreements

Protecting confidential information during pre-agreement negotiations with a potential new partner to assess a new business opportunity is essential. Confidential information is a significant asset of any firm and should be fiercely protected at all times.


However, confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements must be drawn up carefully. The law limits, in many ways, the demands that such contracts can make and the conditions they can impose. Far too often, unaware of the law, unenforceable contracts are created, or agreements that violate legal standards are signed by parties who may later claim in court they have been unfairly treated.


Working with Pearl Lemon Legal’s commercial contract specialists will ensure that any confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements you or your business are party to protect your valuable confidential information while also being fair and legally sound.

Commercial Contract Solicitors
Commercial Contract Solicitors

Supply and Purchase Terms Contracts

Whether you are purchasing or offering standard or custom goods and services, you need strong, unambiguous agreements defining your professional relationship. A framework and call contract, standard terms and conditions, or one-time terms for a long-term supply deal are some examples of these important agreements and our commercial law experts can assist with any of them.

IT Contracts

We provide advice to both vendors and customers on every facet of their IT contractual arrangements, from the creation, licencing, and upkeep of software to other e-commerce-related contracts pertaining to websites, like terms of service and privacy policies.


Given our extensive experience supporting both established and new technologies (such as IT security, big data, artificial intelligence, and fintech) as well as the companies that bring them to market, our advice is always commercially oriented as well as legally sound.

Consumer Contracts

In addition to meeting your business goals, consumer-facing contracts for businesses that sell to consumers must be drafted in plain English and adhere to the intricate regulatory requirements for such contracts, especially if sales are made online.


We represent numerous clients in the retail, utility, and technology sectors in connection with such contracts, and we can provide assistance with the problems you may run into, including those relating to the terms of your commercial contract as well as those pertaining to data processing and compliance.

Employment contract solicitors
Commercial Contract Solicitors

Outsourcing Contracts and Agreements

Outsourcing of services like catering, cleaning, or facilities management frequently calls for complicated agreements that need to be carefully drafted and negotiated. The procedure may frequently require a procurement, and our knowledgeable commercial lawyers can assist you throughout the procurement process to make sure you adhere to all applicable laws and engage into a services agreement that is commercially sound.


However, outsourcing for many businesses now goes well beyond traditional services and often involves outsourcing parts of the day-to-day work that once performed by in-house teams. These types of outsourcing agreements and contracts can be particularly hard to both draw up and implement.


The commercial contract lawyers at Pearl Lemon Legal have very extensive experience in this area of contract law, especially when it comes to drawing up and enforcing outsourcing contracts related to less tangible ‘digital work’ such as software creation, website building and maintenance, content creation and more.

Intellectual Property Contracts and Agreements

You can get guidance from our knowledgeable commercial IP attorneys with licencing for all kinds of IP, including copyright, patents, trademarks, and designs. We collaborate with a large number of brand owners that licence their intellectual property through sponsorship agreements, as well as manufacturing firms that are either licencing or making use of patent licences. We have worked with numerous clients in the publishing and arts industries and also provide advice on all aspects of copyright law and digital media.


In addition, we can offer you advice on the terms and conditions for online competitions, other social media initiatives, and compliance concerns pertaining to your advertising campaigns. We can also help you with trademark and brand licencing difficulties.

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Commercial Contract Solicitors

Commercial Contract Dispute Resolution

Even the most watertight of contracts can be violated, or it can be claimed that they have been.


Establishing the existence of the contract and its terms is the first stage in handling a contract law issue. It can be challenging to determine whether the contract is legally binding without their advice, thus it is frequently beneficial to hire contract conflict solicitors to assist you with this task.


There are several remedies available to you once you’ve confirmed the validity and conditions of your contract. The two most frequent options are going to court and having the judge make the decision for you, or negotiating outside of court.


The innocent party who has incurred a loss typically demands recompense from the party who violated the contract. You should get legal counsel for negotiation or representation in court, regardless of whether you are the alleged contract breacher or the innocent party.

For the best possible outcome for their organisation, our clients rely on our commercial contract lawyers’ experience and commercially minded competence to handle commercial contract disputes. This entails obtaining the best outcome possible while taking into account issues about cost, time, maintaining professional relationships, and defending reputations.

We always completely consider all options for resolution of a commercial contract dispute, including negotiation and alternative conflict resolution, with the goal of finding the most economical and equitable solutions. Our highly skilled contract dispute lawyers will be on hand to tenaciously represent clients in court if this is not practicable.

Whatever your current concerns are, our expert commercial contract lawyers may be able to help. Contact us today to discuss your case in complete confidence and without any obligation.

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