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Our civil litigation lawyers are acknowledged as market-leading experts in their fields of expertise.

At Pearl Lemon Legal we are renowned for our attentiveness, initiative, and commitment to our clients, and we have a proven track record of delivering excellent outcomes as quickly and cost-effectively as we can. We work with both businesses and individual clients, and have special expertise in legal issues arising in the world of digital business.  

When working with a Pearl lemon Legal civil lawyer you get more than just someone to serve as your legal representative, you get a supportive, caring expert who will do everything they can to make the process of resolving the legal issues at hand as painless as possible. We understand that people usually seek our help at a trying time, and we’ll do everything we can to ease the strain while ensuring the best possible outcomes.

The majority of civil cases can be won with clear and early tactical analysis. You can rely on our experience in both litigation and negotiation, whether you’re a potential claimant or defendant. If a settlement is not possible, we will tenaciously present or defend your case at trial.

How Can a Civil Lawyer Help Me?

The average person is more likely to be familiar with a courtroom through popular media than through firsthand experience. They connect criminal courtroom drama with justice when they hear and watch it.


Justice is not always carried out in a criminal manner. In reality, civil court proceedings have significantly increased in recent years, making them a more popular means of resolving disputes in UK courts.


Another unusual fact is that not many civil cases go to trial. Trials are expensive, time-consuming, and often pointless. A civil lawyer today isn’t concerned with court preparation during the initial phases of their work; instead, they try to make sure you receive the settlement you deserve without having to spend a day in court, wherever possible.

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What Does a Civil Lawyer Do?

A lot, as civil litigation is a massive sector of the practice of law.

In very basic terms, a civil lawyer is a litigator who focuses on helping clients resolve conflicts. Conflicts are likely to result in legal action if they cannot be settled by dialogue or agreement, but as we have mentioned, and will continue to mention, avoiding a court trial whenever possible should be the aim of civil lawyers.

Non-criminal law conflicts are referred to as civil litigation. Therefore, civil law refers to all laws that deal with common people and their issues. Civil law is occasionally referred to as common law, however to a lawyer, common law really refers to precedent-setting court cases rather than statutes and legislation.

Therefore, disagreements involving people – and the people who own businesses – and their rights are the subject of civil litigation. Contracts and quasi-contracts, civil wrongs, tort law, property law, and many other things can fall under this category.


Two (or more) parties are frequently involved in civil litigation, which is typically pursuing monetary damages or a very specific outcome.

How Do Civil Cases Proceed?

The Civil Procedure Rules are a set of guidelines used by the courts in England and Wales (CPR). These are crucial in civil litigation, and any competent civil lawyer will be familiar with them.


Before a Claim is filed in court, parties are required to follow a set of actions outlined in the CPR. The Pre-Action Protocols are what they are known as in legal terms. There are numerous protocols for various situations, such as personal injury or dilapidations, but the Practice Direction on Pre-Action Conduct and Protocols is the standard protocol.


The Claimant (the party seeking to make the Claim) must send a Letter of Claim to the potential Defendant as a general first step prior to filing a claim. This should “include the grounds on which the claim is brought, a statement of the facts, what the claimant is asking of the defendant, and if money is involved, how the amount is calculated;”


After that, the potential defendant should be given the opportunity to reply to that letter with a Letter of Response.


The parties should take Alternative Dispute Resolution, including mediation, into consideration if the issue cannot be settled.

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A court claim usually follows if the issue is still unresolved. Both the County Court and the High Court may issue these (subject to various rules on venue, value, process etc).

Once in Court, a Claim generally proceeds as follows:

  • Statements of Case – which include the Specifics of Claim, Defense, Counterclaim, and, if applicable, Reply to Defense and Counterclaim Defense, Part 18 Requests for Additional Information, and Schedules of Loss.
  • Court Allocation — The Court, in consultation with the parties, determines whether the case falls under the Fast Track, Multi-Track, or Small Claim categories.
  • Legal Disclosure: The parties exchange essential documents for the dispute.
  • Witness Statements – These are the written testimonies of important witnesses that provide factual accounts of what occurred, what went wrong, etc. It will be up to each party to obtain these statements in a manner acceptable to the court.
  • Expert Statements: If reports on any technical issues are required, experts (or only one expert) provide them.
  • Trial Preparation / Pre-Trial Review
  • The court hearing known as the trial itself.

Sounds like a lot? It is, which is one of the primary reasons that solving and resolving conflicts before they head to trial is usually so preferable. Often, by the time an issue is headed towards the legal action stage, the parties involved ceased civil communications a long time ago, and yet rational discussion, when initiated involving a third party, can reopen those discussions and allow the issue (s) at hand to be resolved without the need for a formal court proceeding.

Choosing Pearl Lemon Legal as Your Civil Lawyer

As there can often be a lot at stake, not just financially but in terms of reputation, future earnings, future business prospects and more, proceeding with a civil case needs to be a carefully thought out and executed process, and you will almost certainly benefit from having experienced and dedicated civil lawyers working with you.


At Pearl Lemon Legal, we pride ourselves on offering the best possible legal advice, alternative dispute resolution and, if needed, trial representation to get our clients the results they are hoping for.


Our litigation team is dedicated to obtaining the best result for our clients and offers internal alternative dispute resolution services to both corporate clients and private individuals conducted by ADR experts with decades of combined experience in this challenging field.

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We can offer our expertise in all the following areas of civil law and many more:

The Changing Face of Civil Lawsuits

As the world changes, especially the way the world does business, so do the disagreements and issues that arise. For example, it was once easy to define if one party in an employment contract has broken it by failing to live up to the standard of work demanded. Or to determine what constituted intellectual property theft or defamation.

However, it’s a lot harder in the digital business world, as often the work done there is hard to define, and with so many communication channels available, what constitutes defamation over opinion, or when intellectual property rights really have been infringed upon.

Pearl Lemon Legal, as a member company of the larger Pearl Lemon Group, has especially relevant knowledge and experience in this area and can help resolve these harder to define disputes very effectively.

However, whatever your needs, it’s almost certain that our team of civil lawyers can help. Contact us today and let’s discuss your case to determine just how we can sooth your civil law headaches and achieve the positive outcomes you are looking for.

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