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At Pearl Lemon Legal, we take great pride in our ability to use our collective experience to develop strategic and useful solutions to the problems that clients face. This experience has been acquired through working with a wide variety of clients in a variety of legal niches while protecting their domestic and international assets.

What are Private Client Solicitors?

Private client solicitors provide legal counsel to individuals and families on a range of topics, including investments, taxation, estate planning, wills, and testamentary concerns. Private clientele are frequently high-net-worth individuals, or landowners with significant holdings of real estate and other assets.


Private client solicitors also frequently work with non-profit organisations. These may be small non-profit groups or full-fledged, financially significant organisations run like businesses.

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Private client solicitors need more than extensive legal knowledge, although possessing that is obviously extremely important.  Private client solicitors need to be very good at managing people. They will have to communicate clearly and effectively and negotiate effectively. When dealing with taxation, inheritance, investments, and trusts, a thorough understanding of the law and business issues is crucial.


They must also have a special talent for sorting through mountains of laws and regulations and be able to organise situations so that their client benefits most while saving money and being in compliance with the law.


The hand-picked solicitors on the Pearl Lemon Legal private client team embody these traits and more. We can offer our services to both private individuals and business owners and do so in a personalised, bespoke manner that always takes into account an individual client’s needs. To learn more about working with our private client solicitors, contact us today.

How Pearl Lemon Legal Can Help

As mentioned, our private client solicitors can take on a wide variety of legal duties and challenges, according to each client’s needs. However, some of the most common services they are called upon to provide as private client solicitors include all the following:

Succession Planning and Wills

We use our experience to guide clients through the will-writing process, succession planning, and consideration of tax and regulatory implications. We provide certainty for people’s families, enterprises, prized heritage, and other special assets in an informed, perceptive, and sympathetic manner.


The laws and regulations that apply to the business sectors, cultural heritage, and other distinctive assets that our clients typically own and that raise issues that will differ greatly depending on whether they own a landed estate, a family business, or are active in the entertainment or sports industries, are thoroughly understood by our team.


We are experts who deal with the requirements of the modern, frequently transient family—those who don’t necessarily fit into a mould—but who constantly require organised tax and succession counsel. We walk them through a variety of tax, regulatory, family law, and other challenges that could come up when preparing for and transferring wealth across generations.

Commercial Contract Solicitors
Commercial Contract Solicitors

Trust Law

Our private client solicitors team includes highly skilled trust lawyers with extensive experience who can provide guidance on all facets of trust law, including the establishment, use, and modification of trusts for a wide range of clients, including private individuals, corporations, charities, and complex transnational families.

Our experience and knowledge in representing a variety of settlors, trustees, protectors, beneficiaries, corporate trustees, and charities has grown significantly over time. We collaborate with our clients to design and manage the structures that best serve their strategic goals, accounting for tax and succession concerns and including various types of assets such as shares, investments, land, artwork, antiques, or copyright and other categories of intellectual property.

A trust can hold any form of asset, including investments, property, quoted and unquoted investments, trading firms, and intellectual property, and can offer flexible solutions for a wide range of wealth planning, family, or commercial purposes. We collaborate closely with numerous trustees and provide sound advice to maximise those solutions.

Trust Law

So that your loved ones can benefit the most from your assets, earnings, and property, our inheritance tax specialists can assist you in planning your estate’s inheritance tax.


To ensure that your estate is inheritance tax (IHT) efficient, sophisticated planning and professional legal guidance are crucial, especially when you own businesses or foreign assets.


We can give you advice on how to maximise the inheritance you leave to the future generations of your family by utilising the intricate web of IHT exemptions and reliefs.


Our committed legal staff is recognized as an authority on all facets of inheritance tax, including:


  • -Planning for inheritance taxes and estates
  • -Transferring tax-free benefits to spouses and civil partners
  • -International and non-domicile inheritance tax
  • -Declaring inheritance taxes
  • -Lifetime gifts and prospective exempt transfers
  • -Donations to charities
  • -Trusts
  • -Appealing IHT judgements to the Tax Tribunal or with HMRC.

The legal field of inheritance tax is one that is always changing and where concepts advance quickly. Ensuring your plan is current is just as important as having one in place.

In order to maintain the efficacy and compliance of your IHT plan, we’ll employ cutting-edge techniques to review it regularly to ensure it remains the best possible plan for the future.

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Capacity Issues

With an ageing population and rising life expectancy, we are seeing more and more of the very real problems that can result from family members, company directors, or other people who professionals work with having diminished capacity.

In Pearl Lemon Legal, we have a team of experts that are skilled at offering guidance to people, financial service providers, and investment advisers who occasionally deal with the challenges that impaired capacity can present. We regularly draw up and offer advise on the creation of Lasting Powers of Attorney and, concurrently, offer guidance to the attorneys who assist impacted people on how to exercise the powers they have been granted.

We have a wealth of experience assisting investment advisors, financial service providers, and other professionals in dealing with the effects of lost or degraded capacity, bringing our skills and empathy to address those issues swiftly and strategically. We are highly skilled at making applications to the Court of Protection and advising on how and when they should be made.

Estate Administration and Probate

Death frequently results in significant modifications to family enterprises, partnerships, or trusts. To ensure that family – owned businesses and current wealth management systems continue to function as smoothly as possible throughout this challenging time, we rely on a depth of knowledge that spans the firm.


Many of the estates we handle have an international component, and we  collaborate with a network of reliable foreign lawyers to provide a seamless service.


We can provide the executors or specific beneficiaries with workable solutions when issues develop that are not easily remedied. When a will is challenged or an estate is the target of a claim, for example, we work with clients to obtain reasonable and proportionate outcomes.


To determine if working with the private client solicitors would be beneficial to you, an open conversation is the best first step. Contact us today to get that conversation started.

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