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Travel is supposed to be safe and efficient, and, if you happen to be heading off on holiday, fun and exciting. However, you still run the risk of getting hurt or getting into an accident abroad whether you’re travelling for business, pleasure or with the family. You may be able to file a travel accident claim if you or a loved one was hurt while travelling, and Pearl Lemon Legal’s travel solicitors can help you do so successfully.

Air Travel Accidents

Although flying is incredibly safe, if an incident or illness occurs while you are in the air, you may be eligible to receive compensation. The travel solicitors at Pearl Lemon Legal are experts with a wealth of experience representing clients who have sustained injuries while travelling by air, both domestically and abroad.

The risk of serious accidents when flying is extremely low. Having said that, we have represented numerous clients who have suffered injuries during commercial and charter flights, both domestically and overseas. Usually, this entails:

  • -Injury from overhead locker doors
  • -Falling overhead baggage
  • -Trips and falls, either on or off the plane
  • -Scalds or burns caused by food service
  • -Trolley mishaps
  • -Injuries caused by turbulence during flight
  • -Heavy or difficult landings
  • -Injuries caused by other travellers
  • -Allergic reaction to in-flight meals

Naturally, there are a variety of other ways in which an aeroplane journey might cause an accident resulting in injury or damage. Ask us about filing a No Win No Fee Claim today if you have been hurt while travelling by plane and believe that someone else is to blame.

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Protection Worldwide

Whether you are travelling within the UK or outside of it doesn’t really matter when you are hurt on a plane. That is as a result of the Montreal Convention of 1999. International air travel is governed by the Montreal Convention of 1999, which holds airlines strictly liable for any injuries they cause in an accident.


At first look, the regime appears to be highly consumer-friendly, but things become a little more challenging when trying to prove that an accident has actually happened. This is because the traveller must successfully demonstrate:

Air Travel Accidents

  • -It was an odd or unexpected accident (outside the ordinary course of events)
  • -The passenger’s own physiology was not involved in the accident (it was not caused due to their internal reaction i.e. Deep Vein Thrombosis)
  • -The incident occurred on the aeroplane, or while passengers were boarding or deplaning


A few instances of commonplace accidents for which the Convention typically permits you to file a claim include getting struck by a refreshments trolley or by luggage from the overhead locker.


Also less consumer friendly is the timeframe in which you have to make a claim. According to the Montreal Convention of 1999, you only have two years from the accident date to file a claim. However, it is advised that you seek counsel on filing a claim right once if you were hurt while on an aeroplane, during embarkation, or during disembarkation, which is why contacting our travel solicitors as soon as possible after the incident is a must.

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Cruise Ship Accidents

While taking a ferry or a cruise all should be peaceful and safe, but accidents sometimes happen, and you may be able to file a claim for compensation. The travel solicitors at Pearl Lemon Legal have a wealth of expertise representing clients who have sustained injuries while at sea.


Although there are very rarely serious mishaps when travelling by sea, the sea itself can occasionally be surprising and such travel becomes more hazardous. Your safety while onboard a seagoing vessel also depends very much upon the actions of those operating it. The following are some examples of the injuries our travel solicitors can assist clients in obtaining compensation for:


  • -Suspicions that the ship’s doctor was careless, such as misdiagnosing a health issue or neglecting to notice a major injury or ailment that later worsened
  • -Slips, slips, and falls on deck, as well as injuries sustained on boarding or disembarking (for example, tripping over a slippery surface or a missing railing, or colliding with luggage or other unnecessary obstructions).
  • -Falling overboard as a result of inadequate safety precautions
  • -Scalds or burns caused by food service


  • -Mishaps caused by wave turbulence
  • -Injuries brought about by other travellers
  • -Allergic reactions to meals served on board


Certainly, there are a variety of other ways in which a cruise ship or ferry can cause injuries. Ask us about filing a No Win No Fee Claim with the help of our travel solicitors immediately if you believe that someone else was at fault for your injury, and it occurred on a cruise ship or ferry.


It makes no difference where the event occurred when it comes to a ferry or cruise ship injury. The Athens Convention is to thank for that. This, which was first implemented in 1974 and last modified in 2002, makes sure that ferries and cruise ships have enough insurance to cover any accidents. Smaller UK businesses that use boats almost certainly have public liability insurance, which we can assist you in making a claim against.


Ask us about filing a No Win No Fee claim today if you were hurt on a ship, and it wasn’t your fault.


There is a deadline under the Athens Convention for filing a claim. Typically, the window of opportunity is two years from the date of embarkation (getting off the ship). It is crucial that you get legal counsel as soon as possible because such claims can be complex, and a case time-consuming to build, so the faster our travel solicitors can get to work on your claim the better.

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Hotel, Resort or Package Holiday Injury Claims

You go on holiday to have a wonderful experience, but occasionally accidents ruin the fun. Pearl Lemon Legal specialises in compensation claims for accidents that happen in hotels, resorts, and on package holidays and excursions both in the UK and abroad.


No matter where you’ve been staying, whether a hotel or a resort, it’s simple for accidents to happen due to someone else’s carelessness. There are numerous hazards on holiday that could cause harm, like slippery pool edges and dimly lit footpaths. This includes situations where you might be out on an excursion. In fact, we have filed successful claims for injuries brought on by events like:


  • – Slips and falls occurring in hotels because of wet floors, uneven surfaces, and worn carpeting.
  • – Accidents involving swimming pools, such as falling over by the pool and even drowning
  • – Falls from balconies: these can cause life-threatening injuries or even death.
  • – Injury-causing defective equipment: caused by damaged sun loungers, badly maintained gym equipment or other hotel equipment or furniture

But these are just a few examples. There are almost as many reasons for injury as there are holiday destinations. So, regardless of how you were injured while on a holiday trip or excursion, inquire with us about filing a No Win No Fee claim right away with the help of our travel solicitors today.


Holidays and travel are usually safe, no matter where you are headed, but when things go wrong, and you are injured, having the right legal help on hand can make a huge positive difference. You require subject-matter experts you can trust in after a holiday or travel accident. To discuss filing a claim for travel accident compensation, get in touch with our travel solicitors to discuss your unique case today.


Travel Solicitors FAQs

There are various situations in which you can claim compensation. These include injuries from overhead locker doors, falling overhead baggage, trips and falls on or off the plane, scalds or burns caused by food service, trolley mishaps, injuries caused by turbulence during flight, heavy or difficult landings, injuries caused by other travellers, allergic reaction to in-flight meals, injuries on a cruise ship, and injuries at hotels, resorts, or on package holidays and excursions.

The Montreal Convention of 1999 is an international treaty that governs air travel. It holds airlines strictly liable for any injuries they cause in an accident. However, the passenger must successfully demonstrate that it was an unexpected accident, the passenger’s own physiology was not involved, and the incident occurred on the airplane, or while passengers were boarding or disembarking.

Yes, if you were injured on a cruise ship or ferry due to someone else’s negligence or carelessness, you might be eligible to file a compensation claim. This can include injuries due to carelessness by the ship’s doctor, slips and falls on deck, falling overboard due to inadequate safety precautions, injuries caused by wave turbulence, injuries caused by other passengers, or allergic reactions to meals served on board.

Pearl Lemon Legal specialises in compensation claims for accidents that occur in hotels, resorts, and during package holidays and excursions both in the UK and abroad. Whether it’s slips and falls due to wet floors, uneven surfaces, accidents involving swimming pools, falls from balconies, or injuries caused by defective equipment, we can help you file a successful claim.

Under the Montreal Convention of 1999, you have two years from the accident date to file a claim for air travel injuries. For injuries on a ship, the Athens Convention gives a deadline of two years from the date of disembarkation. In both cases, it’s advised to seek counsel and start the claim process as soon as possible due to the complexity of these claims.

A No Win No Fee arrangement is a condition where you don’t have to pay any legal fees if your compensation claim is unsuccessful. This means that you can pursue your claim without any financial risk. If your claim is successful, the legal fee will be a percentage of the compensation awarded, which will be agreed upon beforehand.