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Our property litigation solicitors specialise in working with clients to resolve a wide range of conflicts, from bothersome neighbours to extremely complex property development issues. At Pearl Lemon Legal, our diverse team of property law experts are ready to help, whether you are a tenant, landlord, property owner or property investor.


Without the proper legal representation, easily-resolved Property Litigation Solicitors property service charge disputes can quickly turn into expensive, difficult litigation battles. At Pearl Lemon Legal, we concentrate on creating strategies and solutions that will assist you in getting the best outcome as soon as possible.


We will advise you in plain English, rather than confuse you with legal jargon, assisting you in understanding how to assert or refute a claim to the best possible effect, and, whenever possible, avoiding an expensive and drawn out courtroom case via alternative dispute resolution and other mediation based plans.

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In an ideal world, property transactions and real estate deals would go off without a hitch, but occasionally, serious conflicts can bubble to the surface. 


Our market-leading team of property law professionals, led by an experienced team of property litigation solicitors, represents landlords, tenants, developers, investors, and homeowners across the full spectrum of commercial and residential property. We will work with you to find the best resolution to your conflict and put plans in place to avert further issues in the future.


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Our specialist team can assist with a broad range of property issues, including:

Licence for Alterations Applications

Before making certain alterations to their leasehold flat or house, a leaseholder must get a formal, legal document called a “License for Alterations” or “License to Alter.” Property Litigation Solicitors outline the parameters in which the changes may be made and make sure that no unforeseen conflicts will develop as a result of the work.


Leaseholders and freeholders (landlords) can receive seamless guidance from Pearl Lemon Legal’s skilled Property Litigation Solicitors and residential property solicitors as they navigate the Licence for Alterations procedure. We ensure that any changes to the property are appropriately recorded by combining legal and technical know-how, safeguarding your investment in real estate for the long term.

In order to modernise or expand their houses, leasehold flat owners frequently seek to make changes. Property Litigation Solicitors The majority of residential leases place limitations on the kind of work you can perform, either by outright barring it or by requiring the freeholder’s approval before it can be finished.


The leaseholder must secure the necessary authorizations or they may encounter problems when trying to sell their property in the future. Property Litigation Solicitors, the freeholder, on the other side, will want to ensure that there are no aesthetic or structural issues with the property and that no other leaseholders in the building will object to the renovation.


In order to ensure the right safeguards are put in place, our Property Litigation Solicitors experts can assist both leaseholders and freeholders on the terms and conditions of consent. In cases when work has been done without the landlord’s knowledge, we can also help resolve disputes and provide retroactive authorization.

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Party Wall Disputes

All property owners who are impacted by construction on a shared wall or fence can take advantage of our dispute resolution services. The Party Wall Act’s requirements are well-known to our property solicitors. Together with you and your surveyors, we can make sure that everyone fulfils their commitments promptly and painlessly.


When you are preparing to do work that will affect a shared wall, it is simple to assume that because you get along well with your neighbours, there won’t be a problem. However, things can rapidly get out of hand and end up in court if a neighbour alleges that you damaged their property.


Our knowledgeable property litigation team can assist in averting these issues before they arise. We have a great deal of experience with both residential and commercial party wall issues. We can assist you in finding rapid, affordable solutions to issues that will safeguard everyone’s interests and keep the development moving forward.


Party wall disputes can get incredibly complicated. To make sure notices are delivered to the appropriate parties at the appropriate time when serving or replying to them, it is crucial to have legal counsel. In the event that work has already started without the proper procedure being followed, we can assist you in obtaining an injunction to halt the activity.

Boundary Disputes

Being involved in a protracted boundary dispute can be stressful, and when you and your neighbour disagree, emotions can become unexpectedly high. Our goal is to work with you to arrive at a resolution that is as reasonable and appropriate as possible.


Our experienced team of property litigation solicitors handles all kinds of disputes involving boundaries, fences, and hedges. In order to prevent costs getting out of control, we make a concerted effort to negotiate a resolution to disagreements first.


All kinds of residential boundary issues can be resolved with the help of Pearl Lemon Legal, including:


  • Disputes regarding the location of a boundary
  • Arguing against or supporting proposals to build near or at a boundary
  • Ensuring that a neighbour performs their obligation to fix a common boundary
  • Orders to stop construction that encroaches on your property
  • Disputes about tall bushes that obscure the view or impede light
  • Establishing the appropriate Party Wall Agreements when performing work along a shared boundary


Conflicts over boundaries may seem trivial at first, but can have far-reaching effects. A fence, wall, or building could need to be taken down and rebuilt in the proper location if the case goes to trial and you lose. In order to settle your disagreement as soon as possible, it’s crucial to get legal counsel from a specialist, like those on the Pearl Lemon legal team.

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Right of Access Property Law Issues

It’s fairly usual for a homeowner to require access to a neighbouring property in order to make repairs to their own house. The neighbour will typically give their OK, and the construction will go off without a hitch. There are ways to enforce a right of access, nevertheless, if a neighbour outright declines to give consent.


Checking your title deeds to determine whether any access rights are mentioned is one choice. These are the things we’ll check first. Another option is to ask the court to issue an order in accordance with the 1992 Access to Neighbouring Land Act. This Act may be able to grant you access if you need to make urgent repairs to your property and you are unable to do so without entering your neighbour’s property.


Our solicitors at Pearl Lemon Legal have years of expertise resolving conflicts involving residential access. We’ll assist you in obtaining the necessary access permissions as quickly and diplomatically as we can, helping you avoid a pattern of escalating conflicts with your neighbour.

Property Ownership Disputes

We can help if you and a partner, family member, friend, or business partner are involved in a disagreement over a piece of property that you both own. Our specialised solicitors have years of experience in the field. We put a lot of effort into safeguarding your investment and ensuring the best result for all parties.


Jointly owning property with a partner or friend should be simple, but occasionally it leads to a contentious argument with a family member or acquaintance.


To resolve your ownership issue as fast as possible so that you can all proceed to the next phase of your lives, Pearl Lemon Legal goes above and beyond. We are aware that co-owned homes not only serve as a residence for you, but also represent a considerable financial commitment.


Couples, families, groups of friends, and business partners frequently pool their resources to purchase property. But what transpires if the relationship falters? These circumstances can easily lead to disagreements. Understanding what each owner is legally entitled to in order to reach a satisfactory solution is crucial.

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Our property litigation solicitors provide guidance to owners of both residential and commercial properties on the best ways to safeguard their rights. We provide knowledgeable guidance in a variety of circumstances:


  • Couples living together who bought a home without registering their ownership shares
  • When a person’s name isn’t on the title yet they helped pay for the purchase price, the mortgage, remodelling costs, or household expenses
  • When a child buys a home with the help of their parents and the relationship between them later crumbles
  • disagreements among co-owners on what should be done with the property, such as whether to sell it, make improvements to it, occupy it, or rent it out
  • Disputes over inherited property where the owners are unable to agree on a solution

There is a lot at stake because family dissolution is a major factor in property ownership conflicts. We can use our experience as a full-service law firm to handle your property ownership dispute and put all the safeguards in place for a future free of stress. We can rely on the knowledge of property litigation solicitors and family lawyers.

Commercial Landlord Tenant Disputes

Both landlords and tenants can benefit from the professional counsel provided by our reputable commercial property disputes team. Our priority is to offer early assistance so that issues can be resolved before they worsen and become much more serious.


We draw on our many years of expertise to assist you in choosing the best, most affordable dispute-resolution method, minimising the impact of the issue, and achieving an effective, successful outcome.


Commercial lease disputes between a landlord and tenant must be resolved quickly and decisively to avoid negative outcomes for both sides, such as loss of revenue for landlords or disruption of business for a commercial tenant.

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We assist with a variety of disputes, including:

  • Rent defaults
  • Service fee reimbursement
  • Rent review disagreements
  • Renewals of commercial leases
  • Repair disagreements and deterioration
  • Breach of lease covenant
  • Forfeiture
  • Conflicts involving transfer, subletting, and change of use

Commercial leasing litigation can be time-consuming and expensive. It’s crucial to seek legal counsel as soon as possible to reduce expenditures. The expert property litigation solicitors at Pearl Lemon Legal will strive to promptly resolve your case while giving you insightful guidance.

Property Professional's Negligence

You rely on professionals to perform effectively in every real estate transaction. You might be able to make a claim for professional negligence if you were financially harmed as a result of someone else’s negligent legal advice or acts. Our lawyers specialise in supporting these types of claims.

Together, the members of our specialised team of property litigation solicitors have more than a century of legal expertise. Because of this, Pearl Lemon Legal is able to offer exceptional service to both private consumers and businesses of all sizes for claims involving both commercial and residential property professional negligence. In any situation, we provide a customised, effective, and jargon-free strategy.

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You may be able to file a claim for professional negligence against a professional you hired if you experience loss or damage as a result of that professional’s poor advice. In a real estate transaction, these encompass:


  • Negligent estate agents
  • Negligent surveyors
  • Negligence in conveyance
  • Architect errors
  • Negligence of a financial advisor
  • Contractors’ negligence
  • Auctioneers’ negligence


All of these people are expected to conduct themselves competently in accordance with their respective professional standards and governing organisations. The actual standards will vary from one occupation to another.


The essential principle, however, remains the same: you may have a case against a professional if you suffer loss as a result of their failure to uphold their own professional standards, and the Pearl Lemon Legal team will be happy to help you do so.

Property Litigation Solicitors FAQs

Our property litigation solicitors are equipped to handle a broad spectrum of property disputes. These include but are not limited to Licence for Alterations Applications, Party Wall Disputes, Boundary Disputes, Right of Access Property Law Issues, Property Ownership Disputes, Commercial Landlord Tenant Disputes, and claims of Property Professional’s Negligence. Our aim is to ensure your rights are fully protected whether you’re a landlord, tenant, property owner or investor.

At Pearl Lemon Legal, we understand that easily-resolved property disputes can quickly escalate into expensive and difficult litigation battles. We help by concentrating on crafting strategies and solutions that will assist in achieving the best outcome as quickly as possible. We aim to assert or refute a claim in the most effective way, and when possible, we opt for alternative dispute resolution and mediation-based plans to avoid lengthy and costly courtroom cases.

A Licence for Alterations, also known as a Licence to Alter, is a formal legal document that a leaseholder must obtain before making certain alterations to their leasehold property. It outlines the parameters for the changes to be made and ensures that no unforeseen conflicts arise as a result of the work. Our residential property solicitors can provide seamless guidance to both leaseholders and freeholders (landlords) through the Licence for Alterations procedure, safeguarding your real estate investment for the long term.

Our team at Pearl Lemon Legal is well versed in the requirements of the Party Wall Act. We work with you and your surveyors to ensure everyone fulfils their commitments in a timely and painless manner. We can also assist in averting potential issues before they arise and provide rapid, affordable solutions to safeguard everyone’s interests and keep the development moving forward.

We understand that jointly owning a property can lead to complex disputes. Our specialized solicitors have years of experience in handling these matters, from disputes among co-owners over what to do with the property to disagreements over inherited property. We strive to protect your investment and ensure the best outcome for all parties involved.

We offer professional advice to both landlords and tenants, aiming to intervene early to resolve issues before they escalate. From rent defaults and service fee reimbursement to breach of restrictive covenant and disputes over transfer, subletting, and change of use, our team will guide you through the process and strive to achieve an effective and successful resolution.

Property Professional’s Negligence occurs when a professional involved in a real estate transaction fails to perform competently, resulting in financial harm. Professionals include estate agents, surveyors, conveyancers, architects, financial advisors, contractors, and auctioneers. At Pearl Lemon Legal, we can assist you in making a claim against such professionals, offering a tailored, effective, and jargon-free strategy to ensure your interests are protected.

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